Script Development & Editing

script_picI work directly with producers, production companies, screen organisations and writers. I trained to enable filmmakers to tell their stories in the most dramatically satisfying, effective and engaging way; to uncover the heart of the story, address what is and isn't working - and most importantly, to find out why.

My services vary, depending on a client’s requirements. From an initial analysis of an idea, outline, treatment or script draft, to a longer-term arrangement, working on a project over a certain number of drafts, or over an agreed time-period (with development meetings and follow-up notes and support), I am able to be flexible. My development approach also varies, depending on the project and issues that arise from the idea or script.

As an example, on PRINCESS, I worked with writer/director, Arto Halonen, over a period of six months, providing in-depth, draft-by-draft script analysis, to shooting script stage. These notes addressed issues in areas including premise, structure, genre, tone, and, crucially, character (audience engagement with, and character relationships and functions). 

In addition to English-language films, comedy and drama projects, I found working on PRINCESS an incredibly creatively rewarding experience, and am keen to establish contact with other international filmmakers; working on further foreign language or international projects, with universal themes and worldwide audience potential. I bring to these projects solid script development training, sensitivity to other cultural sensibilities, and strong, proven story instincts.

Please do get in touch if you’d like to find out more.

Please note: As a freelance developer, I am sadly unable to take on unpaid or “deferred payment” projects, or offer “freebie” reads.